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vial and a built-in RFID transponder. The memory chip stores individual data such as measuring or freezing protocols, images or SOPs.
UBD provides its cryoservices for private customers and partners on a worldwide scale.

For more information see www.uomorphis.com or call
+49 (0)171 784 9894.

storage of precious tumor tissue for future therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.
UBD uses a groundbreaking cryo-storage procedure pioneered by the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT). UBD joins innovative procedures for storage of cryosamples with international IT standards. The samples are stored in a way designed to meet the requirements of modern bio-technology. The frozen samples are stored in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of under   -190 ° C in specially designed Icebreaker® cryovials. The cryovials are equipped with an ultra-low temperature memory chip inseparably built into each individual
Uomorphis is a division of the Center for Molecular Oncopa-thology in Düsseldorf, Germany. The major line of activity is state-of-the-art cryobanking of tumor tissue.

Private cryostorage of a sample of the own tumor tissue is the best means of guaranteeing optimal preservation of valuable material ensuring the highest level of quality for therapy and diagnostics of tomorrow. At a storage temperature of under -190 ° C the shelf-life of tissue is indefinitely on human scales.

Uomorphis Biobank Düsseldorf (UBD) is one of the largest private cryobanks in Europe. The declared aim is medium- and long-term
Uomorphis Biobank Düsseldorf
Uomorphis Biobank Düsseldorf (UBD)